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Things Dad Taught Me – Forgiveness Sundays June 7, 2020

Slightly different take on forgiveness this week, but to me it makes sense to choose this post as a Forgiveness Sundays post. Things Dad taught me about respect. This is a two-prong approach. I mentioned Dad a few times on my blog. … Continue reading

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Racial Reconciliation: It Starts Like This – With Jesus — The Recovering Legalist

Today I had a beautiful and powerful conversation with a fellow pastor and fellow TBS (Temple Baptist Seminary) grad, Rev. Kenneth E. Ware of New Sholar Avenue Baptist Church, Chattanooga. Below is a link to the live Facebook conversation we … Continue reading

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More than 1,000 new cases of Coronavirus every day in Florida since Tuesday. — susiesopinions

Thinking on this I can suggest 3 reasons for it. 1, The demonstrations taking place, with crowds exceeding the 50 people limit. 2. People were social distancing, and wearing masks, but I am seeing less of this, as the weeks … Continue reading

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Livonia and Pskov, 1240-42 — Weapons and Warfare

In 1240 a military campaign was launched from Livonia against Pskov, resulting in the overthrow of the faction that supported the rule of Aleksandr Iaroslavich. Early in the spring of 1242 Aleksandr recaptured the city and on 5 April defeated … Continue reading

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Gaming Sunday June 7, 2020

 AS ALWAYS, CHECK PRICES BEFORE ORDERING as sales can end or change before I update them. Also, some sales only have so many items or keys available for purchase so the sale ends as soon as they run out of … Continue reading

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10 – 3 Popular Wreck Diving Sites in Britain — Travel and Sport dot pw

While the mention of diving generally evokes the image of some exotic tropical dive location, the United Kingdom has a variety of amazing dive spots just waiting to be explored by divers like you. If you have no concerns with … Continue reading

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Genealogical DNA Testing Companies and Current DNA Sales June 7, 2020

Current January 2019 DNA sales, updated daily or every other day. Continue reading

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Swiss Sunday — A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly trip to beautiful Switzerland. Sat here in Yorkshire, listening to the rain and wind lash against the house …. I so need my little fix of alpine heaven. Sunday was … Continue reading

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George to the Rescue: The Rebimbas Family YouTube Video

Saw this on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtpXWAH3Elg Direct link: George to the Rescue: The Rebimbas Family YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtpXWAH3Elg (around 2:18 minutes long).

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U. S. City Directories – MyHeritage Free Collection for June 7, 2020

As I mentioned on June 1, 2020 – Each Day of June, a Different Record Collection Will Be Free! – MyHeritage May 31, 2020, MyHeritage is offering a different free collection every day this month. Today’s free collection – U. … Continue reading

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