Sent Out E-mails to Several Senators and my Representative – June 5, 2020

I sent out e-mails to both my federal Senators, five other Senators, and my Representative. The goal was to encourage them to consider why delaying a vote on a second stimulus package is a bad idea, but for them to also consider if a second stimulus package was the right thing to do. Will it fall on deaf ears? I don’t know, but I believed they need to consider the cost of doing nothing or delaying for 1 – 2 months before making a decision vs. the cost of rushing something through for political gain.

I know the economy didn’t slide as bad as expected in the last week. Yet, the Senate isn’t even taking up the stimulus bills – one from the Senate and one from the House for debate. I also know most Congress people in both parties care a lot more about being re-elected than they do about the plight of the average American.

I think some of the proposals floating around Congress are way overpriced, something not considered if Congress needs to do a third stimulus package in several months. What I pray happens is Congress considers what needs to be done and does it even if it means one or both parties loses seats in Congress. Congress needs to do what is the right thing for our country and not what’s politically popular. If the right thing for the country is not to give a second stimulus package, then don’t give one. If the right thing is to give one, then give one. I don’t know which answer is the right answer, but I do know there is a right answer.

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