Facebook Stimulus Scammers – June 4, 2020

Please don’t fall for these scams. I see people in various countries falling for these scams so it’s not just an American issue. It’s also not limited to only Facebook as I have seen Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets posting similar garbage. Also seen people sending text messages to random numbers to try and lure those who aren’t aware of the scam into the scam.

I recently had several scammers in Facebook groups tag me. Bad move on their part, especially if they live in one U. S. state and ask me to contact their partner in a different U. S. state. That tends to make it interstate fraud which is a federal crime. Had they claimed to be from my state and gave me contact information for someone in Kansas, that could potentially put it as a state crime although using the phone may move it to the federal level. It was obviously a scam as it mentioned a second stimulus check and no second stimulus check has been approved at this time. Even without the mention of the second stimulus check, it was a scam.

It sounds like the second scammer was supposedly an IRS employee, which makes impersonating a federal employee another crime they can be charged with. A smarter scammer will hint at being a federal employee without actually admitting it.

As an FYI, in the U. S., there are times where the IRS and Social Security will call you. It’s rare, but I had several clients who were called by each agency for different reasons. I always have the clients check with the local IRS or Social Security to verify the call was valid before giving any personal information out. It’s too easy to get a person’s information these days online and appear to be a government employee.




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