The Second U. S. Stimulus Package Has Not Passed – June 2, 2020

Noticed yesterday that some on Facebook and the occasional YouTuber were talking about how the second U. S. Stimulus Package had passed. These tend to fall, for the most  part, into two groups. Group 1 – those rely on others for information. Group 2 – those who intentionally spread false information for whatever reason. I tend to check out any claims for accuracy. I don’t necessarily rely on mainstream media as they have a habit of spinning news one direction or the other. When none of the mainstream media outlets yesterday gave any indication a second stimulus package had passed, I was confident it had not passed.

Will another stimulus package happen? Yes. They are details to work out, but I don’t see the Senate not approving something. The question is how fast it will approve something and how fast the House will agree to whatever changes are made by the Senate. Another reason I believe another stimulus package will pass is it’s in an election year.

I agree Congress needs to figure out what worked and what didn’t with the last stimulus package. I also agree it needs to consider the cost as $3 trillion is way too much which is the current price tag of the HEROES Bill. As we don’t know how long COVID-19 will be hanging around, there could be a need for another stimulus package later if it stays around long enough. In that case, it’s a good reason to make the next stimulus package as cheap as possible. Most of the HEROES Bill has nothing to do with the $1,200 stimulus checks and way too much on stuff that isn’t needed.

As it is now right now, those on unemployment getting the $600/week federal add-on, around 60-70% according to different sources, are making more than they were making working. Why Congress thought paying people more not to work than work is a question that Congress should be held accountable.




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