Introducing Cross-Language Record Matches – MyHeritage June 2, 2020

I saw this on MyHeritage today – Introducing Cross-Language Record Matches: The article was well over 1,000 words so I cut it down. Definitely worth reading.

 by Esther June 2, 2020 MyHeritage Products

As many genealogists already know, among the major commercial genealogy websites, MyHeritage is the website of choice for international genealogy — that is, for finding ancestors and relatives all over the world, particularly in Europe. It is also extremely useful for U.S. genealogists as many of them have ancestors who arrived in the United States from other countries. This strength comes from the fact that MyHeritage is translated into 42 languages and, since its inception 17 years ago, has become the most popular and heavily-used genealogy website in most non-English speaking countries, in addition to its popularity in the English-speaking world. A huge number of international users who built millions of family trees on MyHeritage, found nowhere else, plus exclusive global record collections, and unique technology dedicated to overcoming language barriers, have all made MyHeritage an international genealogy powerhouse that is not to be missed.

We are working constantly to improve the technologies on MyHeritage even further. Today, we’re delighted to announce a significant innovation: our Global Name Translation Technology™ has been extended to apply to Record Matches as well!

Individuals researching their heritage often face a language barrier when trying to learn more about their ancestors who lived in another country. MyHeritage pioneered Global Name Translation Technology™ to help users overcome this barrier. This technology automatically translates names between languages. This unique capability, originally conceived by MyHeritage’s Founder and CEO, allows users to locate records that mention their ancestors in different and often unexpected languages (as well as in synonyms in each language). Initially, this was available in our search engine, SuperSearch™, but now this capability has been extended to automatic Record Matches as well.

For example, if you search for an ancestor you know as Alexander, the algorithm may uncover a Spanish record where his name is listed as Alejandro (a Spanish version of Alexander), or a Russian record with the name written Александр in Cyrillic characters (the Russian way to write Alexander), or its common Russian nickname Саша (Sasha).

Record Matches are records that are automatically found that match people in your family tree.

With this new addition, translated Record Matches are now calculated on an automated and regular basis. That means you will receive Record Matches with historical records and family tree profiles in other languages. When you view them, the names will also be conveniently spelled out using your own alphabet. You may already have noticed some records from other languages appearing in your matches.

This feature will help you easily locate records that would otherwise have been very difficult for you to find.

Unique to MyHeritage

This unique technology is only available on MyHeritage and works hand in hand with our huge database of international records.

For example, perhaps your American family has Greek roots. Your family tree is in English and you may not speak or understand Greek, making it difficult for you to locate information about your ancestors. With the new expansion of Global Name Translation Technology™, not only do you not need to search for records in Greek to find all information available about your ancestors, we now automatically bring you Record Matching results in Greek, along with a transliteration of the names into English. That is, the Greek names will be spelled out using the Latin alphabet, so you will be able to read them. Similarly, if your American family has Jewish roots, and a distant ancestor of yours was buried in Israel, you may now receive a match between a profile in your English family tree, and a burial record in Hebrew (which is very likely, because MyHeritage photographed and indexed all the gravestones in Israel and put them online free of charge).




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