How to Access the 1950 ED Census in One Step – Steve Morse June 1, 2020

Update: Corrected a date as I mistakenly said 2020 and not 2022.

I saw this on the Steve Morse website today – How to Access the 1950 ED Census in One Step – Steve Morse website: The 1950 U. S. federal census won’t be released until April 1, 2022 and it won’t be indexed for several months later. You won’t be able to see the names until the census is released. This is a great tool that will come in handy once it’s released and before the names are transcribed if you know where your family lived in 1950.

Welcome to the One-Step tutorial/quiz for the 1950 U.S. census. The census will be of interest to seasoned family history researchers, to genealogist who wants to see the census form for their family, and to people simply curious as to who lived in their house. The 1950 census is scheduled to become public on April 1st, 2022. If you are interested in the earlier 1940 census, which became public on April 2, 2012, go to the One-Step 1940 tutorial/quiz.

If you are impatient and want to start using the One-Step 1950 Census tools immediately, go to the Unified 1880-1950 Census ED Finder. Make sure you select 1950 on the top of that form. That will provide you access to the most popular One-Step tools on a single page. But if you want to learn about all of the 1950 One-Step Census tools as well as those currently provided by the National Archives so that you can determine which is best in your situation, you should start with this tutorial. This present edition of the tutorial was written in May of 2018, and will certainly be revised many times before the 1950 Census becomes public.


Here’s the direct link to the 1950 ED list – Using my paternal grandparents expected location, I came up with three possible locations. However, using the 1940 ED list, I was able to narrow it down to one location within this group – Should be interesting to see if my grandparents had moved there by the 1950 census. In the 1940 census, they were still living in North Carolina. It’s a bit under 2 years before the 1950 census becomes available, but at least I have a starting point that will let me see the names on the census long before they get transcribed.  The nice thing is you can put in house number and address if you know it. In this case, I visited my grandparents in 1974 and I recall the actual address.

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