New British military records from World War 2 and beyond – FindMyPast Fridays May 29, 2020

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Here’s the direct link –New British military records from World War 2 and beyond:

Liam Kelly 29 May 2020


We’re rounding-off a month of Second World War releases with new military records from the British Army and Royal Air Force.

If you’ve got ancestors who served in the Royal Air Force, Royal Engineers or Coldstream Guards, you’ll want to see what’s new this week on Findmypast.

This essential military collection has been enhanced with over 89,000 records from the Coldstream Guards, spanning from 1800-1947.

Comprising of many different regimental histories, there are records including discharge books, court-martial books, decorations and rewards, and officers’ statements of services.


The Coldstream Guards are the oldest regiment in the British Army in continuous active service. With origins dating back to the English Civil War, the regiment has served in every major conflict and many minor ones since it was raised.

These fascinating records have been published in partnership with The Coldstream Guards Charitable Fund.

This unique collection is formed from The Royal Engineers Journal, a private newspaper that was converted into a journal and supplement in magazine form. In it, you can discover what life was like for anyone who served with the Royal Engineers during the Second World War.


We’ve added over 65,000 transcripts that provide a daily record of events within each RAF squadron during the Second World War. Operations records can reveal additional details about your ancestor’s time serving in the skies including:

  • Their squadron
  • The year and date of the operation
  • A description of the operation


We’ve released over 30,000 transcripts for combat reports that were filled out by RAF pilots or air gunners after they had encountered enemy aircraft on operational flights. They can reveal fascinating facts for your family tree including:

  • Your ancestors’ names
  • Their rank and squadron
  • The year and date of combat
  • Other dates of combat


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