The U. S. Post Office Only Forwards Mail for a Limited Amount of Time – May 26, 2020

A point I make on a regular basis is to make sure government agencies (Social Security, Internal Revenue Service) and any other local, state, or federal agency you deal with on a regular basis have your most current address, phone number(s), bank information (for direct deposits). The Post Office only forwards for 6 months with the option to forward for another 6 months. At least the last time I checked, those were the limits. I haven’t checked lately as I haven’t moved in a long time although the Post Office occasionally assumes I have. I only find out about it when I get a call from the schools I attended asking for my new address. If you live in another country and change addresses, you may want to see how long your post office forwards mail.

For phone numbers, I used to change cell phone companies every few years. Usually because the one I had kept raising prices often enough and a competitor would offer a cheaper rate. With my TracFone Pay As You Go (PAYGO), I had my number since 2013. I added Tello as my primary phone a few years ago as they offer plans with unlimited minutes and text, and limited LTE data with unlimited 2G data once the limited data runs out. I could let go of my TracFone, but a couple of people will only call me on that number. They don’t call that often and my expiration date on the current minutes is April 2021. That’s more than enough minutes between now and then where I won’t run out. It’s cheap enough to add minutes where I could add more if I need to.

On a side note, I get junk mail for an earlier tenant who hasn’t lived at my address for at least 20 – 25 years, possibly longer. I also get mail for another former tenant as she doesn’t want the medical bills they send her. I haven’t been able to persuade them she doesn’t live at this address and hasn’t for a long time.

A funny anecdote was my sister sent me a birthday present from Colorado shortly before Hurricane Camille hit in 1970. It got stuck somewhere for a long time as we moved to Colorado shortly after the hurricane hit. Eventually it was sent to Colorado after we left there a year later. It finally showed up in Mississippi after over a year being shuffled around to who knows where.


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