The Unsung Heroes of World War II: Nurses & Medics – MyHeritage May 25, 2020


I saw this on MyHeritage – The Unsung Heroes of World War II: Nurses & Medics: Great article and fitting for Memorial Day and for today’s pandemic situation.

 by Esther May 25, 2020 Holidays

Who are the true heroes of 2020?

We all know the answer: medical professionals.

People all over the world have been literally applauding the men and women on the front lines fighting the coronavirus pandemic — from rooftops and balconies from New York to Rome.

This Memorial Day, it’s especially important to remember that not all war heroes wear army fatigues. Some of them wear scrubs.

MyHeritage has made our military record collections free until May 26 so you can discover the role your own family members had in making history.

Search military records on MyHeritage now.

But those collections aren’t the only place to find stories about war heroes. Our research team turned to our newspaper collections to learn about the role nurses and medics had during World War II and how they were celebrated in the media. Below are some of their fascinating findings.

Uncle Sam needs nurses

Nurses were essential to the war effort, and throughout the war, newspapers printed advertisements aimed at recruiting more nurses to join the army.

“Ask any wounded soldier what ‘Army Nurse’ or ‘Navy Nurse’ means to him,” says this ad from The Telegraph Herald in Iowa on March 7, 1945. “She’s church on Sunday, family dinner, a letter from home, cooling fingers, a mother’s case. In short she’s the symbol of America — the land for which he suffered wounds.”



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  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Since my time in Iraq I’ve seen those doctors and Corpsmen treat wounded service members, I’ve appreciate these unsung heroes!

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