Not a Fan of What If Scenarios – May 15, 2020

I have friends who try to drag me into what if scenarios. The reality is we don’t know what would happen in given what if scenarios. We may have theories, but often those theories are based on a person’s opinion.

Case in point: let’s suppose I wrote a series of books this year and it became so popular a movie studio offered me a deal. I know too many authors who think they will become the next great author who gets a movie deal. They also assume they will have total control of the process with unlimited veto power. After seeing numerous authors who signed deals with studios, most were surprised at how little creative input they were allowed. They think as the author they can choose the people who play each role. Let’s go with a producer or director humors the author and asks a well-known celebrity to play a role in the movie.

I recall many producers and directors who wanted specific people for certain parts. The actor or actress turned down the part. In some cases, they regretted it as the movie made lots of money. In other cases, they went with a different movie and it bombed.

A friend is big on how a well-known ship that samk could have avoided the iceberg. He relies on experts who claim if the crew did specific thing(s), the ship would have missed the iceberg. He’s relying on things that can’t be proven to make the argument.




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