Zombie Circus Goats – Kickstarter Campaign Ends Early AM June 4, 2020

I forgot to add this Kickstarter campaign – Zombie Circus Goats: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zombiecircusgoats/zombie-circus-goats to my Weirdness Wednesdays post yesterday. I think I saw the e-mail on Tuesday about the campaign.

The zombie party goat strategy card game for windbags, scoundrels, and friends of the bleating undead.


👉  Build your troupe.  Steal your friends’ Goats.  Howl in victory!

WARNING:  Contains Hellephants, Two-Headed Boys, Robotic Bees, Weregartners, Ma’ampires, Tiny Sasquatch, Arrogant Octopuses…and a whole bunch of Zombies.

✅  Get Paid in Body Parts.

✅  Shout in Bad Accents.

✅  Cast Weird Spells at Your Friends.

✅  Make Felicia Fetch You a Drink.

For 2-6 live players.  30-90 minutes adjustable playtime.  Host a night of howling infamy.

This is the weirdest Kickstarter campaign I have seen in a while. I am not sure if it the weirdest, but it’s easily in the Top Ten. Here’s the Kicktraq: https://www.kicktraq.com/projects/zombiecircusgoats/zombie-circus-goats/. Looks like it hit its $10,000 goal on day 3 after the campaign started.

Going to be hard to top this one for weirdness, but I am confident someone will top it a lot sooner than I imagine. I don’t check out many other categories on Kickstarter unless they show up when I go to Kickstarter.

If you plan on doing a crowdfunding campaign, I recommend Jamey Stegmaier’s free articles on the topic – Stonemaier Games Kickstarter Lessons. Best to read through the free articles long before you start a crowdfunding campaign. His lessons are based on Kickstarter in general and Tabletop board games in particular. Most of the suggestions should be adaptable to any crowdfunding site (Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc.) and categories other than board games.

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