Why Spoilers Don’t Bother Me – May 13, 2020

In this post – Book Review Updates (December 2018), I talked about spoilers not being an issue for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, TV series, or movie. The last movie I saw was a friend inviting me to go see it. If I had enough time to research it, I would have declined. Great special effects don’t make up for bad plot and dialogue. For TV series, I am going to include things like the various pay options out there where you can watch the series on your tablet, phone, or computer.

Personally, I want to know spoilers. First, it lets me know if a book, TV series or specific episode in a series, or movie is worth my time. I only have a finite time on this planet and don’t want to waste it on something not worth it. In my link above, I mention how some people want you to wait 6 months to 3 years before talking spoilers. If they are truly a fan of something, it shouldn’t take them that long to read the book, watch the TV series, or see the movie. In addition, you will hear spoilers long before 6 months ends.

If anything, a good spoiler can make me want to find out more. A bad spoiler helps me decide not to read the book or see the TV series or movie. I saw a blogger who waited until the entire TV series  I appreciate Wikipedia and IMDB as they tend to be more detailed than the average review. I gave up on reviews after seeing too many reviews were often paid reviews, directly or indirectly. For the non-paid reviews, they tend to be people that either love or intensely dislike the author, director, actor(s), or something else.

I usually look at the middle of the road reviews as they are more likely to be valid reviews much of the time. However, I tend to start with Wikipedia and IMDB to see if I think it’s worth my time for books, TV series, and movies. I am not a fan of too many flashbacks, especially when you can’t tell if it’s now, earlier, or later in the person’s flashback. That was the case in the movie I referenced above. In some cases, it was obvious when (past, present, future) based on the age or the situation the actor was in.


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