Weird Week So Far – Weirdness Wednesdays May 13, 2020

Normally, I go looking for weird stuff, videos, posts, or weird things online. This week’s been a combination of good weird and strange weird in my life so thought I would focus on some of the weirdness I experienced this week. I was out yesterday getting food at a place I won’t name. Some customer did an online order and complained it was wrong. I missed the conversation. If that wasn’t enough, I heard the manager laughing after the customer left. Why? Because the customer decided to waste the food by doing things with the food against the building. Not only was the food wasted, but the money she spent on it. She may have decided to do a charge-back on the order so the money may not have been wasted. When I noticed her wasting the food, it stunned me. A customer was nice enough to get the tag number of the vehicle.

On the good weird, a few things have fallen into place that I was expecting, but in ways that were not normal. In one case, I mentioned to a friend I liked their mask. She asked if I wanted one as her mother makes masks. I said yes. She asked color – I said blue or orange. A few days later, she gave me an orange mask and a blue mask for free.

Going to be interesting to see if the week continues to be weird. For the most part, I lead an uneventful life, aside from blogging and spending time with friends and attending church services. Before the shelter in place, I considered doing the Census Bureau this year if I could get them to waive the restriction where I temporarily lose my pension by going back to work for the federal government. In some cases, they will waive it and in other cases, they won’t waive it. Fast forward to mid-March and what looked like shelter in place was going to happen. I decided to wait and see how that played out before applying. Shelter in place hit somewhat fast in the area although it was the county enacting it. The governor followed through about a week or so later with a statewide shelter in place. Decided that probably ended my chance to do the Census Bureau this year. That’s always 2030 if I am still up to the challenge by then and I wouldn’t have to get a waiver at that point.

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