HEROES Bill Proposal May 12, 2020

At 3 trillion dollars, it was proposed by Speaker Pelosi today; over 1,800 pages long. Looks like going to be voted on Friday in the House. Sure a lot of behind the scenes negotiating went on. If you want to read the 1,800+ page bill, there’s a link to it at https://www.npr.org/2020/05/12/854707010/read-the-house-bill-calling-for-3-trillion-in-coronavirus-relief.

The biggest change seems to be going from $2,000/month (six months minimum) in the Senate version introduced recently with household maximum of $10,000 for 2 parents and 3+ children to $1,200/month with maximum of $6,000/household for 2 parents and 3+ children in the House version. This is a one-time payment.

There is money allocated to state and local governments, roughly $1 trillion. Hazard pay for essential workers. Additional $600/week for unemployment through January, ends in July under the CARES Act.

Some money for renters and home owners, including possible grants for those who are facing homelessness. You can’t be evicted for non-payment of rent or mortgage for a year under the current version of the bill. You could still be evicted for lease violations that are related to things other than not paying rent.

Worth noting this is the bill as originally introduced. It will likely undergo changes before it gets passed. The changes may be minimal if there were behind the scenes negotiating that went on.

I have not read through the bill, but several YouTubers have and made comments earlier today. A lot more YouTubers skimmed the one page summary without bothering to read the bill. In some cases, it’s obvious who only read the summary because they talk about $6,000/household which only applies if you have 2 parents and 3+ children. In my case, I would only get $1,200 as I live alone.

Should be interesting to see how the House vote goes on Friday and how fast the Senate responds once the bill makes it from the House.

There are way too many pet projects in this bill that have nothing to do with economic recovery, much less helping those who need help.




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