One Weird Thing to Come Out of Shelter in Place that I Can’t Explain – May 9, 2020

I am thankful for the decreased time getting to my favorite eating place. The only thing I can think is the Lord is helping me out as there’s no earthly explanation.

In the past when I did the 6 or 7 daily trips to my favorite Internet cafe, it took a specific amount of time to get there with maybe an extra 1 – 5 minutes on the outbound trip. The return trip was usually 5 minutes less with the possible 1 – 5 minutes extra on occasion. The weird thing is the inbound trip is now the same as the outbound trip with so far not much variation in time either direction.

I cut down my bicycling significantly during the shelter in place, often only going 1 – 2 mile round-trips as opposed to the much longer trips to my favorite Internet cafe. I have timed my inbound and outbound trips since I started coming back. I expected it would take a bit longer, maybe 3 – 5 minutes each way, as I wasn’t getting anyway near the same amount of bike riding.

I am not complaining as I am glad it’s not taking longer and at least outbound is faster.  There are a number of stop lights I have to deal with each way, but those are no faster changing than they were almost two months ago. It hasn’t sped up my longer trip to church, but it hasn’t slowed it down either. I am not pedaling faster than I used to so that’s not where I am getting the extra outbound speed. I expect the outbound to be a bit slower as I have to deal with an extra uphill walk than the return trip. I have been these trips for over two years now. Other than dealing with rain and wind chill issues that may slow me down, the time both ways was  falling in the same pattern before the shelter in place. I knew it would take X+1-5 minutes outbound and 5 minutes less going home with the possible 1-5 minute delay tacked on.



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9 Responses to One Weird Thing to Come Out of Shelter in Place that I Can’t Explain – May 9, 2020

  1. GP Cox says:

    I only go out to the grocery store these days, but even though south Florida is a crowded area, I am enjoying the near empty streets, the fact that the snowbirds left early my backyard is quiet, people are being nicer and helping each other out and I no longer get bumped in the rear by the grocery carts behind me in the cashier aisle.

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    I imagine you are biking less too now with the heat?

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