People Who Will Lie for You Will Also Lie to You and About You – May 6, 2020

I don’t lie for friends and I don’t ask friends to lie for me. The post title says it all. If someone wants you to lie for them, you are making yourself less trustworthy once the lie gets out. Lies have a bad habit of getting out. I have some couple’s friends who are such poor liars, they shouldn’t even bother lying. They lie to each other, their children if they have any, their parents, their siblings, their friends. For those with children, they can’t understand why their children lie to them. I would explain it to the parents, but they wouldn’t grasp the concept. Seen it play out enough in other’s people lives where a friend lies for them, only to later lie to them and about them. I even know people who will lie  when telling the truth makes more sense. They are so used to lying, they also automatically lie by default.

I realize humans lie. Even the most honest people I know will lie occasionally. For example, your spouse or significant other asks “Does this outfit make me look fat?” In cases like this, remaining silent isn’t going to be an option. Oftentimes, the lies are covered as harmless white lies or to protect someone’s feelings, usually not the person being lied to feelings, but a third party. Once you add a small portion of a lie to the truth, it is no longer the truth. I know a few people who think 1 drop of truth in 99.9% of a lie qualifies as still being truth. Many others who think 1 drop of lie in the truth means it still truth.

I have friends who one day will wonder why we are no longer friends and because they lie to me on a regular basis. They fall in the category of being such poor liars, they are wasting our time by lying to me. It’s often stupid stuff where they have no reason to lie about it. With one friend, I pointed out the lying and the friend’s response was silly. They claimed the fact that thought lie A (not how they phrased it) meant that lie B wasn’t a lie. No, all it meant is they committed two lies instead of one.




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9 Responses to People Who Will Lie for You Will Also Lie to You and About You – May 6, 2020

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Very true and you thought through this about friends who lied

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    • I have friends who is doing their best to lose my friendship. They are very poor liars and at some point one or both of them will tell the lie that ends our friendship. One of them tries to rationalize how the friend isn’t lying. He thinks lie A in his mind so that lie B isn’t a lie. They don’t call lie A a lie, but it is. This leads to being lied to twice. once to themselves and the other to me.

      The couple knows lying is wrong, but they lie to everybody. They can’t understand why there children lie so much. If I thought explaining why would get through to them, I would. The children are poorer liars than the parents.

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