How COVID-19 could kill cinema — A Richard Wood Text Adventure

I recently heard that YouTube has been recently demonetising any videos that make mention of COVID-19 and the current pandemic sweeping the world. At first I just chocked it up to one more strange choice by YouTube to put the squeeze on their users, but then I thought about the issue a little more and […]

via How COVID-19 could kill cinema — A Richard Wood Text Adventure.

I saw this issue made by a YouTuber I watched about a week ago. He noticed every time he said Coronavirus or COVID-19, the video was demonetized. So he would reference it without using either word.

Funny he mentioned the one movie. One major theater chain decided not to show any movie from that movie studio ever again.

The biggest problem some studios have is greed. They want more profit from the early ticket sales and defend it by saying theaters can simply raise concession prices. Much as I love movie popcorn, I stopped buying concessions almost two decades ago. I haven’t paid to see a movie in at least 15+ years. That’s my response to greedy movie studios. I won’t buy their overpriced DVDs either. A growing number of people are joining this movement to send a message to the studios.

Same thing with TV studios who are putting more series behind paywalls. It’s bad enough both groups run out of new ideas decades ago. They are remaking old TV series and old movies that are simply bad remakes of better versions from decades earlier. Maybe once enough TV and movie studios close down, they will realize greed is bad.

I turned off cable December 2014 and unplugged my TV at the same time. I can watch plenty of free stuff online and give my money to companies who treat me better.

Books are going the same way. I stop buying print books a while back and for authors I used to buy, I curbed purchases.


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3 Responses to How COVID-19 could kill cinema — A Richard Wood Text Adventure

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    so much of our economy is affected

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    • True. I have seen some studios release movies straight to the various streaming services as a way to keep income coming in. It hasn’t helped the theaters. It hasn’t helped the bigger studios have been demanding more of the box office receipts with the response the theaters can simply raise the concession prices to offset the costs. I rarely buy concessions because the last time I purchased them a few years back the prices had skyrocketed so much from years earlier. My personal preference is to hold off on seeing a movie until the theater is getting a bigger share of the ticket sales to offset not buying concessions.

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