FamilyTree DNA and LivingDNA Order Update April 27, 2020

About 45 minutes ago, I checked my three orders from Upgrading to Big Y-700 and Factoid Tests at FamilyTree DNA April 24, 2020I noticed all have been batched. No estimates on expected completion dates yet, but I will check back on the next few days to see if they are added.

As I mentioned, the dates are estimates as delays or faster completion can lengthen or shorten how quickly each test gets processed. I also mentioned I expect I will need to submit another DNA sample as I believe much of my remaining sample has been used.

If that’s the case, they will send me new cheek swabs which will delay how fast I gwt results by a couple of extra days, possibly a week. I warn people not to expect fast results during a sale as they do the tests in the order received. The advantage I have is a portion of my sample is already at the lab. It was near the end of the sale which probably means it’s in line to be processed.

Under normal circumstances, I would expect the lines to be longer. Since COVID-19 is an issue, the lines may be shorter. I am expecting 8 – 12 weeks minimum with another week thrown in if they need new samples. I add another 4 weeks as a cushion as it can take a bit longer. It helps I am not doing Family Finder autosomal or a regular Y-DNA STR test.

I won’t do too many updates between now and my results as it’s not that exciting to read. I will do a couple of updates along the way to gauge how fast it appears to be progressing based on past experiences.

I ordered an update on LivingDNA for advanced ethnicity details. It’s a different company, but they processed my DNA last month. From my understanding, they have all of the results from my sample, but need to update my account with the results as I didn’t order the full results when I placed the order. I think they said allow 72 hours to receive the ethnicity results. These include mtDNA and Y-DNA haplogroups.

Going to be fun comparing my known haplogroups with 23andMe and FTDNA. I don’t know how deep LivingDNA tests for haplogroups. I know 23andMe tend to be basic to intermediate haplogroups. Once I get FTDNA Y-DNA haplogroup update, I will show comparisons.

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