One Way I Stand Out from Other Genealogical DNA Bloggers April 22, 2020

As I re-blogged this post – The Lavish Dwarf Entertainment Rule of Blogging — The Art of BloggingI didn’t want to muddy it with my thoughts.

The below is one way I choose to stand out. There are numerous ways you can stand out.

Many of my posts focus on a combination of topics – Genealogy, History, Military History, DNA, and Genealogical DNA. They are interconnected topics. I will start with defining Genealogical DNA. It’s a combination of using DNA with Genealogy, bit more complicated than this, but don’t want to make so complicated you need a Genetics degree to follow along.

There are around a half dozen DNA companies involved in this concept. A few have dropped out and some are relative newcomers to the field. In order of testing size – AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritageDNA, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), and LivingDNA/FindMyPastDNA are the biggest. FTDNA used to test the Geno Project for National Geographic, losing out to Helix around 2.0 Next. It has a much larger potential database as a result. Not as large as MyHeritageDNA. It also runs the tests for MyHeritageDNA, but keeps the results separate.

I don’t know the Top Ten, Fifteen, or Twenty Genealogical DNA Bloggers. I have a good estimate based on relative popularity.

What sets me apart from them, other than my much smaller follower base? They usually only mention the regular sales – April’s DNA Day, the Summer Sales, Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale, and the Year End Sales. I highlight sales during the year. It can take 1 – 2 hours/day checking the sites I highlight in my regular updates Genealogical DNA Testing Companies and Current DNA Sales April 21, 2020 Price Update. I don’t want people missing out on a brief sale.

Many of the above companies will have flash or brief sales at other times during the year. They often don’t advertise them well or at all.

At least one blogger ignores one DNA company. I understand why, but when the company is in the Top Five, I think it should be included. There are exceptions where a company crossed a line, but if they learned the lesson, I give them a break. If they haven’t learned the lesson or keep repeating the same or similar mistakes, that’s a good reason to not talk about them.

It’s why I rarely mention a website that others talk about on a regular basis.


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