WordPress Discover Prompts April 2020 Day #19 Three

Today’s discover prompt is Three.

From my earlier post – Join Our Discover Daily Prompts in April! — The Daily Post  which has more details on the discover prompts. A search showed today’s prompt is Three.

Here’s the direct link: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/53424024/posts/41604.

When I think of three, my first thought is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That’s the most important three there is.

Another thought is family. I have three full siblings and three half-siblings, a double set of threes. A triple set if you add my parents and me to the list.

The next thought for three is Earth, Sun, and Moon.

There are numerous examples of other sets of three if one stops and think a while about them. You can overthink the concept of three and see patterns that aren’t really three.

I would be hard pressed to come with my three favorite books, songs, TV series, foods, etc. in the majority of categories.  Same for least favorites threes in most categories. For many people, this would be easy. For others, it would be difficult. For others, it would be a mix where they could easily come with three in some categories and hard in other categories.

Just some food for thought. Going to check out a number of other bloggers who posted their thoughts on today’s discover prompt. I do this everyday after I post each daily prompt.









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    Have a blessed Friday!

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