Refurbished Phone Update April 18, 2020

After hours of updating the installed apps, I added some apps that were on my previous phone. This took a few more hours. Some examples Zedge Zedge App Review – January 18, 2019, as I use the free version and love the ringtone I use for people who aren’t in my contact list. I am slowly adding those in my contact list with personal ringtones.

I also added Cooking Fever, a game app available on the Google Play Store. This app is free, but you can spend money to do some things. I avoid spending money as you can earn gems free a couple of ways.

I added Google Rewards app as it sometimes lets me earn money by doing surveys or other things. Going to add WordPress later.

I added Facebook Lite and its companion Messenger Lite as they take up less space than the full versions. Plus, I find they load faster and use less data.

Looking for a good Bible app as the one I was using is no longer on Google Play Store. May see if a friend can transfer it from my old phone to my new phone.

One thing I love about my replacement phone is not having to switch back and forth between numbers and letters. The old phone didn’t have a regular QWERTY keyboard as the numbers were on a different button.

Going to spend time playing with the phone to learn its quirks and what it can and can’t do compared to the old phone. It didn’t come with a manual, but should be able to find one online to download.

It has twice the internal storage – 16 GB of my old phone. Not quite half, 7 GB, is taken up by preinstalled system stuff and apps.

I could have gotten a cheaper phone elsewhere, but by ordering from Tello, I knew it would be mostly set up once I received it. Setting up went fast in terms of switching from the old phone to the new one. Another reason I opted to go through Tello for the phone.

When I used HSN for my TracFone, it was a pain to get it working. It was worth it as cost savings were substantial and I will likely go that route of using HSN next year for when I need to renew minutes on TracFone.


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