WordPress Discover Prompts April 2020 Day #17 Distance Part II

Continuing from Part I WordPress Discover Prompts April 2020 Day #17 Distance Part I.

Finland is not big on tipping at least in 2005. Something to consider if you are a tipper.

The trip to Estonia was a three hour ferry ride since we were not going to pay extra money for the much faster helicopter ride. I planned on some harmless joking with the border guard after docking. After seeing this stout Russian woman guard, I decided that was a bad idea. I changed money from Euros to Estonia currency, another bad idea. Turns out local merchants preferred Euros and gave better discounts for people paying in Euros.

We walked around the town and went through the old town, winding up at the castle. It was impressive as I had seen a castle in person. Seen plenty of photos of them. Would have loved to spent the night, but money was tight so only spent a few hours before heading back to Helsinki. Would enjoy a longer visit in the future if possible.

Back in Finland, I had half a day to explore on my own.  Did the zoo, the fortress, saw the sub. At some point, the group took a train to visit something nearby. Been too long to remember what, do remember it was fun.

At some point, we took a cab to see the Festival of the Midnight Sun and learn more about it. I recounted the return flight, but can’t find the post. Will look for later.

Customs went fine as I bought nothing back purchased over there. Somewhere I still have the photos and will add them in a future post.

On the way back, it was coach class and rerouted through Detroit for Customs. First Class spoils you.

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