WordPress Discover Prompts April 2020 Day #10 Orchestrate

This is not a duplicate post. After it went live, I saw something time sensitive and switched this post to the next time slot.

Today’s discover prompt is Orchestrate – https://wordpress.com/discover-wordpress/2020/04/10/discover-prompts-day-10-orchestrate.

From my earlier post – Join Our Discover Daily Prompts in April! — The Daily Post  which has more details on the discover prompts. A search showed today’s prompt is Orchestrate.

One of the most complicated things I have done was a Master’s thesis.  Unlike my Bachelor’s thesis which had every course build up to the thesis, the Master’s program did not build up. You started with your thesis statement and had to work on the thesis project in addition to your regular coursework. I was working part-time as well.

The regular coursework was time consuming by itself. It rarely directly helped me with the the thesis project. This was 2009 – 2011, a 13-month program. I took courses in a specific order and usually when one course ended, the next course started the next week. The courses were short which made deadlines very short.

My thesis was based on nonprofit usage of social media. Not exactly the best choice for a 13-month program. At the time, social media had been around for a while, but finding research on nonprofit organizations’ usage was difficult. It was often as painful as getting a cavity filled without painkiller.  I have not checked lately, but doubt much new research has been done.







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