Tello Doubling Available Talk and Data Balances for Free Until May 29, 2020 – My Update April 9, 2020

Thought I would mention this offer again Tello Doubling Available Talk and Data Balances for Free Until May 29, 2020 and let you know I took advantage of the deal today.

Received an email from Tello today. They are doubling available balances for free on talk and data for combo deals and plans until May 29, 2020. When you renew, the talk and data will double until May 29th.

The only downside was resetting my billing date. As I was out of data when they offered the free doubling, I didn’t receive it last month. Tello doesn’t allow delayed plan changes. In my case, I didn’t want a delayed plan change. I switched from the $9.00+ taxes/fees 500 MB LTE with unlimited talk, text and unlimited 2G data to the $29.00 ($30.77 after taxes and fees) 2x 8 GB LTE (16 GB LTE) with unlimited talk, text, and unlimited 2G data. 

In mid-May, I will switch back to a cheaper plan unless they extend the deal. Have not decided yet if it will be the $9.00 plan I was on, or a slightly higher plan.

I need to upgrade my Tello phone as I purchased it used in 2016 and it was several years old when I purchased it.

As Tello is a Sprint MVNO, it will be affected by the Sprint/T-Mobile merger. It sounds like it should not be a big factor until 2023. At some point, I will need a replacement phone.

T-Mobile is GSM and Sprint was CDMA, I would need a GSM phone down the road if I stay with Tello. A lot will depend on the price changes T-Mobile implements on its former Sprint MVNOs. Part of the deal was to split off BoostMobile to Dish. Too early to get how this will play out.

Over the years, I have been with numerous cell phone companies as price creep made me switch. One day some cell phone companies will see the benefits of rewarding customer loyalty. It’s cheaper to keep me as an existing customer than it is to get me as a new one.  Yet, most places don’t get it. It’s why I have changed cell phone and insurance companies on a regular basis.


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