Maple Lawn Cemetery – Tombstone Tuesdays April 7, 2020

I’m a groundskeeper by trade. At the end of last year, I ambitiously subscribed to the email newsletter Publishous. Each issue is a collection of articles on Medium, with subjects such as productivity, and also Christianity, and including those untold here, a nice mix. Publishous also spotlights writers and offers insight into how writers can […]

via Welcoming #spring at the cemetery — findingenvirons.

This is a re-blog from March 2019, but I chose the cemetery, Maple Lawn Cemetery as this week’s Tombstone Tuesdays post.

You can also find the cemetery and church on Facebook at The cemetery‘s website is Find-A-Grave: BillionGraves:

Previous Tombstone Tuesdays posts:

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6 Responses to Maple Lawn Cemetery – Tombstone Tuesdays April 7, 2020

  1. odell01 says:

    Thank you for the Reblog. Strictly speaking, I am a cemetery director along with my father, Peter. Wednesday is the day of the week that we are usually out there, taking care of it.

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    • I am glad it’s being taken care of. My maternal grandmother is in a church cemetery where the church is no longer active, but has some volunteers who do the maintenance and upkeep. It’s a small enough town, the county will eventually take care of the cemetery.

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      • odell01 says:

        That scenario may play out in my case, as well.


      • I hope not, but two local cemeteries were turned over to Wichita due to bad management. The city has a small fund to manage both, but also takes donations to help defray costs. A local university student has adopted one of the cemeteries has a pet project and set up a nonprofit to help the city out.

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      • odell01 says:

        As you well know, I work at a local cemetery and I have since 2011 or 2012. When I was first becoming an adult, I did a two-year college diploma and stopped there. We don’t take donations for our cemetery, but the business has a small fund like the two cemeteries in your town.

        However, in the last few weeks, my father, who is in his seventies, when feeling confrontational, told me outright, though in private, that I’m not good with money. I feel our management at the cemetery would better reflect what we’re capable of doing, if we had between us additional management skills. I don’t worry too much about the small stuff, if possible.

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      • There may be cheap or free management courses you can take. I re-blogged a post about free courses recently.


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