WordPress Discover Prompts April 2020 Day #4 Street

Today’s discover prompt is Street.

From my earlier post – Join Our Discover Daily Prompts in April! — The Daily Post  with today’s prompt.

I jokingly call a street I lived on for several years a cul-de-sac. It was not true cul-de-sac as it had four ways to enter. The south way is now blocked by a barrier. This way led to the railyard which was a dirt road. The north road dead-ended at a strip mall. You could go through the mall parking lot or back alley to connect to a main road. There were two east entrance points. Basically, the street was one block long although if you went several blocks north or south, the street picked up again.

If you were not familiar with the area, you probably didn’t know about my block. Other than family, friends, and people who did work on the street – letter carriers, utility people reading meters, and the occasional street repair crew, we were invisible.

Mom later ran a white elephant shop from the house. There were numerous streets and avenues with the same name, usually numbers. We lived on 26th Avenue. We later moved to 26th Street. At the time, avenue was north/south designation and street was east/west. Don’t know if it holds true today for new street names. For example, Pass Road was a block north and ran east/west.

There used to be half a dozen houses on each side of the street, but look only three remain on the east side. The other nine are empty lots with one now being a business.

Our house was torn down years before Hurricane Katrina hit. When I visited it six weeks after Katrina, it had grass covering the small lot.


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