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Volunteer from Home with 2nd Pass Transcriptions! https://blog.billiongraves.com/volunteer-from-home-with-2nd-pass-transcriptions/ I removed a lot of information. The post is over 700 words, but the extra information is worth reading the full article on the above link.

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Are you quarantined at home and tired of staring at the same four walls? Would you like a meaningful way to pass your hours?

Well, here you go! Da-da-da-dum!!! LOTS more BillionGraves records have just become available for transcription thanks to the new 2nd pass option!!


What is the 2nd pass?

It’s basically a second look at the records that have already been transcribed – by a second pair of eyes so any errors can be corrected.


You can then put a checkmark in the box to the right of the names and dates if they are correct or you can fix them. Sounds easy, right?

Here’s a video to show you how it’s done.

What Does the 2nd Pass Form Look Like?

The 2nd Pass form looks like the usual transcription form except you will notice the column of boxes on the right-hand side of the information fields.


Correcting Mistakes


3rd Pass

Wait, what!? There is a 3rd pass? Yup. If you made corrections during the 2nd pass, the record will be put back in the transcription queue for a 3rd pass.

If the 2nd pass did not result in any changes being made, then the 3rd pass is not needed.

Keep Your Eye Out for These Common Mistakes

Here are some of the most frequent errors that you may find when you are doing a 2nd Pass record verification:

  • Only one person was transcribed when there were more listed
  • Leaving off the maiden name for a wife
  • Missing military information
  • Epitaphs are left off
  • Skipping the age of death

One of the beta-testers for the new 2nd pass transcriptions, Carrie, said, “Something I noticed recently is that people who transcribed gravestones missed entering the age of death.  I’m guessing they didn’t know how.  When I edit their transcriptions almost every one of them gets a match on FamilySearch because there is now a way to calculate the year of birth.”

Carrie added, “Military Info” and “Other People Listed” are usually left off the transcriptions by the same people.”

Opt Out of 2nd Pass

Sometimes you may want to transcribe original images instead of doing 2nd pass verifications, especially if you are transcribing some photos that you took yourself.

Here’s how you can opt-out of 2nd pass verifications:

  • Go to BillionGraves.com
  • Hover over “volunteer” and then select “transcribe” from the dropdown menu
  • On the transcription page, click on “settings”
  • In the pop-up select “second pass”
  • Click on the down arrow to select “Both”, “First Pass”, or “Second Pass”

Earn Free BillionGraves Plus Subscriptions for Volunteering

Anyone can search BillionGraves for gravestone records for free. But do you know about the upgrade subscription called BillionGraves Plus? And did you know that you can earn free access to BillionGraves Plus by volunteering?


It’s true! You can get credit for:

  • Transcribing gravestone data from photos
  • Verifying records with a 2nd-pass
  • Taking photos of gravestones with the BillionGraves app on your smartphone

Upload 2,500 or more photographs or complete 500 or more transcriptions in one month and you will receive credit for one FREE month of BillionGraves Plus.


Each month of credit that you earn can be activated when you are ready to use it. If you are already a BillionGraves Plus subscriber, your subscription will be extended for an additional month when you activate the credit.

What is BillionGraves Plus?


Community Service Hours

You can earn community service hours by volunteering from home! If that sounds like music to your little coronavirus-quarantined ears, then read on.

Whether you need community service hours for a class you are taking, to prepare for college applications, or for a court-appointed order, we can help!

How it works


Verification for Service

When you are finished, send an email to Support@BillionGraves.com to request verification for your service. Include your name, county, cemetery, and the email address that you use to login to BillionGraves.


For more information about verification click HERE.


2nd Pass Transcriptions Review


For additional details from the BillionGraves HelpDesk about how to do 2nd pass transcription click HERE.


Thanks for volunteering! You’re awesome!

We sure appreciate your help making sure BillionGraves records are as accurate as can be!

Cathy Wallace and The BillionGraves Team

P.S. Even though doing 2nd pass transcriptions from home is our big news of the day, we still need to have photos taken at the cemetery with the BillionGraves app even more than we need transcriptions!! Email us at Volunteer@BillionGraves.com and we’ll help you get started.



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