Some Updates on Stimulus Rebate – April 2, 2020

There are more details coming out about the stimulus rebate package. First, if you are a qualifying dependent child, your parent will get $500 for you. Not sure how this plays out if the dependent child receives SSI or SSDI. Also, not sure how it plays out if a child is a dependent on your taxes and is above the age to qualify as a dependent child, or for adults that may show up as dependents on somebody else’s tax return. The IRS has backed off the requirement to file a tax return for those who don’t normally file tax returns. If you get missed, rare but it happens, then you would need to contact the IRS once enough tune has elapsed. I would give it at least a month.

A Massachusetts congress person indicates the direct deposits should start going out this week. Again, it may take a couple of weeks before all are direct deposited. For those who are receiving paper checks, it may take several months for those to go out.

Next, other delinquent debts that would snag your regular tax return will still snag your tax return at this point. When it comes to the stimulus rebate, most things won’t affect your rebate, including delinquent taxes, student loans in default. However, the one thing that will snag your rebate is past child support that has been turned over to the IRS for collection – In those cases, an estimated 3+ million people who may qualify will lose their rebate for this reason. That appears to be the only exception at this point.


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