COVID-19, IRS, and Social Security Phone Call Scams – March 27, 2020

Update: While the below points are geared towards Americans, I have Facebook friends from around the world who deal with various phone scams common to their countries. It’s not just phone calls, but texts. I noticed Canada is warning it’s citizens about COVID-19 text scams today. Here’s the Top 20 list for countries affected spam calls/texts – I was surprised at the Top 5 and how far down the list U. S. showed up.

Seeing reports of increasing scam calls claiming to be IRS or Social Security employees. If you get a call from either agency, tell them you are busy and get a phone number. Don’t call them back. Call the toll-free number both agencies have on their official websites.

I used to work for the IRS and a few years back, I had several calls from some IRS scammer threatening to have me arrested if I didn’t pay them now. There are plenty of YouTube videos on IRS scam calls. Social Security calls often follow a similar path.

There are some COVID-19 scams out there, usually a phony nonprofit. I expect all of these scams to get worse in the next several weeks.

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4 Responses to COVID-19, IRS, and Social Security Phone Call Scams – March 27, 2020

  1. odell01 says:

    Interesting. You probably know me from liking some of your blog posts. I shared your post about’s policy on the situation at hand to Facebook yesterday because cousins of my mother are interested in their family tree. By the way, I’m Canadian, but it is helpful to be aware of telephone scammers of the kind you’re talking about.

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    • I recognized you and appreciate your support.

      I added an update to the post with a link to Top 20 list of countries dealing with phone/text scams. Canada is #11 on the list. Believe U. S. is #8. The Top 5 surprised me.

      I also added a comment about how Canada is warning people today about COVID-19 text scams.

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