Robert Hoskin Featured Vlogger of the Week – March 25, 2020

I chose Robert Hoskin – as this week’s Featured Vlogger of the Week.

They have 3.9K subscribers, Joined Dec 3, 2007; 256,641 views, 68 videos. The last video added was December 2019.

About page:


Not in the description, but

My over-delayed tasks on the old 35mm Nitrate films of scanning all the frames which has been over several months before it’s releases to ‘Lost 35mm Nitrate Film FOUND !’ is over at last ( ?! ) by my old film scanner named Epson GT8200UF. Now coming the new scanner called WOLVERINE F2D TITAN FILM SCANNER that enables to scan manually the 35mm motion picture frames simple by clicking a button to photograph a frame in matter of seconds, and the frame is beautifully done but needing cropping all the frames and rotating the levelness of the frames as well, including adjusting the Exposure Value which is very carefully monitored and checked. Now here’s the 17 seconds long 35mm fragment called “Just Off Broadway” ( USA – 1929 – Silent ) from 357 frames in 20 fps running speed but showed with scratches on it which is not being restored yet, otherwise this film will NOT be showing at ‘L35NFF !’, just because it was already available on DVD. Well, just see this video and please give me your opinion and commentaries about the Wolverine F2D thing if you love or hate it. Thank you.

Broken link to Google Site.

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Videos I re-blogged:

The Evolution of Wolverine F2D Titan Film Scanner ( in 1080p HD ) – YouTube Video Robert Hoskin: (about 1:58 minutes long)

BLUE GUSH ( 1993 – Japan ) Deaf comedy short film. ( CC ) YouTube Video Robert Hoskin: (around 3:29 minutes long)

The Making of BLUE GUSH ( deaf 35mm filmmaking ) ( CC ) – YouTube Video Robert Hoskin: (about 2:02:08 hours long)

Simple Restoration of 35mm Nitrate Film ( Subtitled ) – YouTube Video Robert Hoskin: (around 7:23 minutes long)

# 15 – Lost 35mm Nitrate Film FOUND ! ( in 1080p HD ) – YouTube Video Robert Hoskin: (about 2:26 minutes long)


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