MyHeritageDNA Ethnicity Results – March 21, 2020

MyHeritageDNA results from my test I sent in earlier this month – Yesterday a New First and Other Updates – March 20, 2020. I chose it as this week’s DNA Saturdays post. Here are the ethnicity results. As always, take results below the continental level with a healthy dose of salt; for small percentages – same thing no matter what the level. From my earlier results and will add these results to the list; Ignore Ethnic Results Below the Continental Level. This test included medical results, but they aren’t testing anywhere near enough markers for the results to be meaningful.

MyHeritageDNA March 2020

Here are the ethnicity results from the above screenshot – #21 below; the earlier two results are from 23andMe transfer


#11 MyHeritage (transfer of 23andMe v3 results – after latest update to Ethnicity January 2018 – thought I had an earlier version of MyHeritage results and probably do somewhere):

Europe 100.0%
North and West  88.6%
North and West European 49.3%
English 27.5%
Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 11.8%
South Europe 6.1%
Iberian 6.1%
East Europe 5.3%
Balkan 5.3%
Total: 100.0%
#20 MyHeritageDNA part 2 (2019 update)
  • Europe
    North and West Europe
    North and West European
    Irish, Scottish, and Welsh
    East Europe
Paul Smith

Most likely a carrier for Carrier for Nonsyndromic hearing loss (connexin 26)
Hereditary nonsyndromic hearing loss is a type of hearing loss that usually occurs without other symptoms.

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