Limited Internet Access Due to Favorite Internet Places Temporarily Shutting Down Due to COVID19 – March 17, 2020

Recently, my two favorite Internet access points have closed for at least two (2) weeks. I don’t normally use public library access, but they have closed them for at least three (3) weeks. That restricts me to limited cell phone access or friends who help me out sometimes with letting me use their Internet access. At home, I still only have my phone Internet access and that’s mostly 2G access. As a result, I will be re-working on my 1 – 2 daily themes for the short-term with the goal of bringing the themes back to their old selves once I have better consistent Internet access.



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Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. Live in Wichita, Kansas now. I suffer Bipolar I, ultra-ultra rapid cycling, mixed episodes. Blog on a variety of topics - genealogy, DNA, mental health, among others. Let's
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21 Responses to Limited Internet Access Due to Favorite Internet Places Temporarily Shutting Down Due to COVID19 – March 17, 2020

    • I plan on doing as much as I can with the limited access. A good example was my Kansas Tuesdays post earlier today and my Mississippi Mondays post yesterday. My posts may be somewhat shorter and I will probably do more re-blogs and shares than I was doing for a while. When I have better access, I will work on the theme posts that are more time intensive.


      • Some bloggers only post photos, or one liners.

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      • Thank you for the suggestions. Hope things are going well for you and your husband.

        I follow a few of both groups. Been trying to avoid too many photos as I am using the free plan on WordPress.

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      • That didn’t last too long for me, then I went to the next plan, and now on the next tier.

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      • I figure the first plan that offers monetization is where I will start. They did away with the Blogger plan sometime last year or early this year, and the Personal plan does not allow monetization from its description.

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      • That is the $96 a year one, and I just covered that cost with ads, doing 8 hours a day.

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      • It may be a few years before I can afford it, but that’s my goal. I figure it will take longer for me to recover enough for it to pay for itself. I would probably go the affiliate link route as well, but clearly mark each link as such.


      • I haven’t made a penny with the affiliate links.

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      • With some affiliate links, you have to make a certain amount of money before they pay you. I saw one where you had to accrue $100 (not counting shipping or taxes) before they sent you a check and the payout rate was 2.5%.

        If I order something from a blogger who has affiliate links, most of the time I would use their affiliate links to order.

        Some people have better success with Ko-fi, Buymeacoffee, or PayPal donate buttons. If you do videos, Patreon is a good option for support. Some of the Patreon sites make good money by offering increasing benefits for the higher levels.


      • I haven’t made a cent on paper.

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      • Sorry to hear that. How are things going down your way? I saw you went to the beach the other day. Hope you are healing well.

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      • A private beach for an hour of walking, i think we will have more restrictions tomorrow.

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      • Our restrictions start at midnight. The county went with a 30 day restriction to be modified as needed. We have four confirmed cases with the goal to flatten the curve since Kansas City area has about half the cases in the state.


      • So sorry. I bet you will be blogging more.

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      • How are you doing?

        I am sticking to my 10/day. Bit harder when I have to use my phone. A friend let’s me go to their place and use their Internet for a few hours. It gets interesting as his wife is pregnant with twins, plus having to homeschool their other children. She’s been restricted to the house by her doctors and is suffering cabin fever.

        Other than that, the only place I go is the store as my budget is stretched thin right now. There’s a convenience store half mile away and a Dollar General about a mile away. The nearest Wal-Mart is several miles away and tends to be a lot busier than the two closer places. The convenience store has a semi-decent food selection. They have removed some food items that were made on the grill or the single doughnuts they ordered from a local bakery.

        I am glad the county did something as we have 7 known cases compared to the Kansas City Kansas metro area that has a lot more. Last I heard they are not doing shelter in place and had 127 cases as of early this morning. I am doing a post in the morning that shows an updated map of where shelter in place or essential business only are in effect. It’s He’s doing a good job of updating it or he may be auto-updating it.


  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Sorry to hear this

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