Keeping Kids Busy During Coronavirus Closures – BillionGraves March 16, 2020 – Tombstone Tuesdays March 17, 2020

I saw this on BillionGraves yesterday and decided it was a good fit for Tuesdays Tombstones this week – Keeping Kids Busy During Coronavirus Closures – BillionGraves March 16, 2020 A lot more information in the article.

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Keeping your kids busy during coronavirus closures can be a challenge.

Are you stuck at home while your children’s school or your own office is closed? No worries! BillionGraves has some fun ideas to help keep your family happy and involved while staying healthy!


Avoid Large Crowds

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated the spread of COVID-19 a pandemic. What’s a pandemic? The WHO defines it as an “epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people.”

This is the first pandemic caused by a coronavirus. And, as a side note, seasonal outbreaks of influenza are not considered to be pandemics.

Basically, it means a LOT of people are experiencing coronavirus-related closures. We are being advised to avoid large crowds. So how are you going to keep your family busy and happy during this time?


Stock Up!

Stocking up on at least a two week supply of food, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and the like has been an obvious enough solution to coronavirus closures to so many people that many store shelves are empty.

Shoppers are greeted with signs like “the following items are currently unavailable” or “due to high demand, please limit your purchases to no more than three of this item”.

So, if you have already made your run to the store and loaded up a cart with essentials, what’s next?


Stock up on things to do!

One of the meaningful things you could do with your children during this time is to help document your local cemetery.

So download the free BillionGraves app to your smartphone by clicking here for Phone/iPad or here for Android.


Take Photos of Gravestones with Your Smartphone!

If headstones could talk, they would have a lot of stories to tell. But they can’t, so BillionGraves is the next best thing. As gravestones deteriorate, those stories are quickly fading away. We need to capture them before it’s too late.

BillionGraves’ goal is to preserve cemetery data and make it readily available for genealogical research to honor our ancestors and loved ones. Then, even if a loved one’s gravestone is damaged or worn by time, the invaluable information recorded at their final resting place will still be available.

BillionGraves is the world’s largest GPS-linked cemetery data resource. As you take photos with the BillionGraves app, each gravestone is automatically marked with a GPS location. The data is then made readily available at for free for millions of families around the globe for generations to come.



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