MyHeritageDNA Mini-Update – March 13, 2020

The first quote below was from my last MyHeritageDNA update – MyHeritageDNA Update with Funny Story – March 10, 2020. I received an update from MyHeritageDNA that I have never received with any of the 16+ DNA companies I previously tested at. It was a cool update, see below the first quote for the second quote. It’s nice a DNA company is willing to walk me through the process.

As an FYI, they can only replicate a DNA sample a limited number of times and each sample that is tested get used up in the process, according to several of the companies although none say how many times a single sample can be replicated. It’s why FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) has to ask for new samples if you order enough tests to use up all of the original sample and the replicated samples. How much of a sample is used up depends on the tests run on it.

Order placed

Feb 24 2020

Today’s e-mail update:

Your DNA sample is currently being analyzed in our CLIA-certified DNA lab.

The status of your kit is: DNA extraction in progress (link removed)

While you wait, we invite you to take our surveys (link removed), which help our Science team study how genetics affects our behavior, personal characteristics, and other aspects of our lives.

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how your DNA gets processed in the lab.

Here is the process, step-by-step:

Our technicians inspect your sample and make sure it’s intact.
The DNA is extracted from your cells in the vial and amplified. In other words, we make copies of the DNA in order to make sure we have enough of it to analyze.
Your DNA is placed on a custom-made DNA genotyping chip and heated to a high temperature so the DNA can attach itself to the chip (hybridization).
A computer reads the hybridized chips, producing the DNA data.
Our algorithms process your DNA data and generate your health reports, as well as your Ethnicity Estimate and DNA Matches.
Once ready, your health reports will be reviewed by a physician from an independent provider network, PWNHealth, to determine if genetic counseling is advised. Your results will be made available to you online via your secure MyHeritage account.

Best regards,
The MyHeritage team

View a cool video showing the journey of a DNA sample in the lab.










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