March 10, 2020 Kansas Tuesdays and Tombstone Tuesdays Update – March 11, 2020

I mentioned last night in my Tombstone Tuesdays post – Summit View Cemetery, Guthrie, Oklahoma – Tombstone Tuesdays March 10, 2020, I was going to update it as I found a number of new links. I also mentioned I would be backdating my Kansas Tuesdays post to last night as I had not finished it before it was scheduled to be posted – National Glass Museum, Wellington – Kansas Tuesdays March 10, 2020. I updated the Tombstone Tuesdays post with new links. I also backdated the Kansas Tuesdays post earlier today.

Most of the time I am able to get theme posts out timely. In some cases, I schedule them ahead of time, like The Six Million Dollar Mummy — Commonplace Fun Facts – Weirdness Wednesdays March 11, 2020. I try to schedule the first three posts for the next day early. The first three posts of today were scheduled yesterday. In a few cases, I have posted scheduled for next week or down the road. The goal is to do them on my laptop, but sometimes I have to do them on my phone, then correct any problems caused by using my phone to post. They are rare, but occasionally problems happen when submitting a post using my phone.

One thing I hadn’t done with my Tombstone Tuesdays post was create a template until today. Some of the links won’t provide additional information, but if it’s a cemetery that has famous or infamous buried there, you may find them mentioned on websites you wouldn’t expect. I won’t always use the template as there are times when I am highlighting a website or blog and not a specific cemetery. In the case of Summit View Cemetery, I was happy to see a website that allows me to know where someone is buried. Too many websites, especially local government websites don’t make the information available online.




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