Historical Record Collections Added in February 2020 – MyHeritage March 9, 2020

I saw this on MyHeritage a few minutes ago – Historical Record Collections Added in February 2020: https://blog.myheritage.com/2020/03/historical-record-collections-added-in-february-2020/. The original link is over 1,100 words long.

 by Esther March 9, 2020 Historical Records

What a month! 815 million records were added to MyHeritage in the month of February 2020: 545 million records from U.S. City Directories, 250 million of inventors of historical patents, 6.9 million from Canadian newspapers from 1752–2007, 4.7 million of famous people throughout history, 3.4 million from the Minnesota Birth Index 1900–1934, and 4.5 million from the Minnesota Death Index 1904–2001. This update brings the total number of historical records in MyHeritage SuperSearch™ to 11.9 billion.

Here is a list of the new collections:

U.S. City Directories

A huge collection of historical U.S. city directories produced from 25,000 public U.S. city directories published between 1860 and 1960. 545,346,859 records Search collection now

Inventors of historical patents

An index of inventors of historical patents issued around the world. 250,469,807 records Search collection now

Canada Newspapers, 1752-2007

A compendium of newspapers published in various cities and towns across Canada from 1752 to 2007. 6,961,070 records Search collection now

Famous People Throughout History

This collection contains biographical summaries of millions of notable people from around the world. 4,700,220 records Search collection now

Minnesota, Birth Index, 1900-1934

This collection contains an index to birth records from Minnesota from 1900 to 1934. 3,406,802 records Search collection now

Minnesota, Death Index, 1904-2001

This collection includes an index of death records from Minnesota from 1904 to 2001. 4,460,579 records Search collection now

U.S. City Directories


Learn more about the U.S. City Directories in this in-depth blog post.

Search U.S. City Directories

Famous People Throughout History


Search Famous People Throughout History

Inventors of Historical Patents


Search Inventors of historical patents

Canada Newspapers, 1752–2007


Search Canada newspapers

Minnesota, Birth Index, 1900–1934


Search the Minnesota, Birth Index, 1900–1934

Minnesota, Death Index, 1904–2001


Search the Minnesota, Death Index, 1904-2001


Searching these collections on MyHeritage SuperSearch™ is free, and you can also view records from the free collections for free. To view records from the paid collections, or to save records from all collections to your family tree, you’ll need a Data or Complete subscription.

If you have a family tree on MyHeritage, our Record Matching technology will notify you automatically if records from these collections match your relatives. You’ll then be able to review the record and decide if you’d like to add the new information to your tree.

Enjoy the new collections!


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    Just FYI been super busy with ministry and teaching lately; so haven’t gotten the chance to be here on your blog and I’m also behind on others’ blog

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