The Epic Love Stories Shared with Us in the #HowTheyMet Contest – MyHeritage March 8, 2020

I saw this on MyHeritage – The Epic Love Stories Shared with Us in the #HowTheyMet Contest: The article is almost 1,900 words so I only re-blogged the first part of it.

 by Esther March 8, 2020 Holidays

In honor of Valentine’s Day this year, we asked you to share the epic love stories from your family with us, and to let us know #HowTheyMet. You did not disappoint! We received wonderful entries from all over the world, and we’d like to share a few of our favorites with you.

Sandy Scherger of Tasmania, Australia writes that she met her husband when he started a new job at a different department in the company she worked for, and made an error on a document he sent her: “I called to let him know and found him to be a jocular type, so I proceeded to give him a right royal telling off as a joke,” she wrote. “He thought it was funny, so he organized to come to my office a few days later to meet me.” After meeting, they spent a weekend together, and 33 years later they are happily married with a daughter.

Trina London told us that her father crashed mother’s welcome home party from the military! Her mother served as a nurse for 4 years, and when she came home, a friend of her dad’s was invited and asked him to come along. He was deeply impressed with her dedication to their country, and after the party he called to ask her out.

Janie McQueen told us that her grandparents met when her grandfather, Lovic Brooks, took a fall off his horse on the polo field, while her grandmother, Margaret Haley, was watching from the stands. Lovic had a concussion and Margaret rushed past the sidelines and watched in horror as the medics carted off the star player on a stretcher. Margaret went to visit Lovic every day, and he discovered her there when he recovered. At first his family didn’t accept Margaret because they were proud of their background and she didn’t have much to speak of. But Janie tells us that she actually discovered through MyHeritage that Margaret was descended from Scandinavian royalty — she was even a direct descendant of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking hero!



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