Discovering Your English Heritage – FamilySearch March 7, 2020

I noticed this on FamilySearch – Discovering Your English Heritage: Over 700 words and a good read if you have English heritage.

March 7, 2020  – by  Kathryn Grant

William Shakespeare called it “this other Eden.” Its history, tradition, and culture are vital and diverse. It is graced by beautiful and varied scenery. It is home to great theater and great literature. Here you’ll find Stonehenge, Big Ben, and double-decker buses. It’s a small country with a far-reaching impact. Welcome to England!

Do your ancestors hail from England? If so, learn about your English heritage and how to research your ancestors.

Historical Roots

The Britons, a Celtic race, were one of the first-known groups to inhabit the land we now know as England, living there during the Iron Age. The Roman Empire began its conquest of the British Isles in AD 43 and maintained control until the early 400s. Subsequent groups settling in England included the Anglo-Saxons, Normans, and Vikings.

England became a nation in the 10th century under the rule of Æthelstan. Skirmishes and wars marked the next centuries as different groups fought for dominance. It wasn’t until 1707 that the Acts of Union were passed to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Finally, almost 100 years later, another Act of Union made Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom, forming the political structure still in place today.



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