RootsTech 2020 in Review – FamilySearch March 4, 2020

I noticed this on FamilySearch earlier – RootsTech 2020 in Review:

March 4, 2020  – by  Laurie Bradshaw

This year’s RootsTech conference marks 10 years since RootsTech began. Much has changed in those 10 years; technology has advanced, genealogy has developed, and the conference has evolved. Today, RootsTech has something for everyone.

Noteworthy at RootsTech 2020 were the outstanding keynote speeches. Read about each one below; then click the links to read a full summary.

Steve Rockwood’s RootsTech 2020 Keynote


Appropriately, RootsTech 2020 opened with the CEO of FamilySearch, Steve Rockwood, as the first keynote speaker. He commemorated the first RootsTech by sharing the stage with Jay Verkler, past CEO of FamilySearch, who was there when RootsTech began. Rockwood also celebrated all those who have made RootsTech possible over the past decade.

Read more about Steve Rockwood’s keynote speech on the RootsTech blog.

Leigh Anne Tuohy’s RootsTech 2020 Keynote


Leigh Anne Tuohy is the adoptive mother of former All-American and NFL football player Michael Oher. A portion of her inspiring life is shown in the 2009 film The Blind Side. In her keynote, Tuohy discussed three important lessons she has learned: loving all those around her, remembering that each person has a story, and valuing the lives of every individual.

Read more about Leigh Anne Tuohy’s keynote speech on the RootsTech blog.

David Hume Kennerly’s RootsTech 2020 Keynote


Photography’s power in genealogy was a major theme of David Hume Kennerly’s keynote. Kennerly took the audience on a photo journey through his life of photographing some of the world’s most influential people and moments—including the Vietnam War, Robert Kennedy’s final moments, and the day-to-day activities of multiple presidents.

Read more about David Hume Kennerly’s keynote speech on the RootsTech blog.

Emmitt Smith’s RootsTech 2020 Keynote


As a retired NFL player with a prolific career, Emmitt Smith had a unique story to share at RootsTech. His experiences go far beyond football—he has had experiences in business, competitive dance, and genealogy. Smith’s genealogy tells a story of discovery, healing, and strength.

Read more about Emmitt Smith’s keynote speech on the RootsTech blog.

Did you miss RootsTech 2020? Or are you looking to see the highlights again? Check out the RootsTech video archive to see keynotes, sessions, and more.


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