Church of England to launch a ‘Google Maps for graves’ within five years enabling family historians to search for burial records and locations in an online database – Daily Mail March 3, 2020

I found this earlier on Daily Mail – Church of England to launch a ‘Google Maps for graves’ within five years enabling family historians to search for burial records and locations in an online database:  and has been reported by some other bloggers as well. A lot more on the link above.

Thousands of cemeteries across the UK will be imaged and mapped over the next five years to create a comprehensive database of British burial sites.

The Church of England project hopes to immortalise the tombs of millions of people buried in Anglican graveyards as well as those interred on unconsecrated land.

Maps and photographs will be uploaded alongside burial records in a searchable database at some point before 2026.

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Volunteers partnered with Historic England, which injected £250,000 in funding, and Atlantic Geomatics who provided the technology and expertise to trial the project for two cemeteries in West Yorkshire

Volunteers from the Church of England have been working for some time towards this project.


Historic England previously provided £250,000 in funding for its ‘Church Heritage Record’, which was also matched by the Church of England.

Private company Atlantic Geomatics is providing the technology and expertise.

The database will be used by amateur genealogists to trace their lineage and grave details and monument photos for free, as well as information from the registers.

Users may be charged to access other information to help fund the project.

According to Atlantic Geomatics, the mapping system will allow people to search for a person, add additional records, view reserved grave sites and measure plots.

Tim Viney, owner and managing director of Altlantic Geomatics, told MailOnline: ‘Across the country there are thousands of burial grounds, each with important assets, buildings and infrastructure.

‘These valuable assets, in particular memorials and gravestones, must be maintained, records kept of where they are, what they look like.

‘The estimated 35,000,000 burial records relating to the Church of England burial grounds are a huge resource yet they are currently difficult to access.

‘We are delighted to be working with the Church of England with whom we propose a systematic approach across the country to map their churchyards.

‘Integrating the map with images of the memorials and the historic records will protect the records but also make them accessible online.

‘We are in discussion with potential partners to source investment to facilitate a rapid deployment across the country.

‘This is certainly an exciting and challenging project”



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