MyHeritageDNA Delivery Update – February 29, 2020


Updated February 29, 2020: not delivered so it will be sometime Monday, probably late afternoon, before I get it.

I checked MyHeritageDNA today and noticed the DNA kit had arrived in Wichita yesterday mid-afternoon. The kit was transferred from UPS to the Post Office in New Jersey, bit odd as they usually deliver it to Wichita before doing the transfer. It should be delivered today, probably late afternoon.

If you are not familiar with taking a DNA kit, best to photograph the kit number, any tracking number on the return package, any other identifying numbers on the kit or package. Read the instructions as different companies use a variety of kits which means you have to know what the kit rules include. I believe it is a cheek swab, but with cheek swabs, some have preservatives in the tube, but others want you to airdry the swab for 30 minutes before putting it in the tube.

Register the kit before sending it back. I will be home shortly, but the kit may not be there yet as my mail runs an hour early or an hour late. Plus, if it’s sent by a Post Office package delivery truck, it can run much later. Hopefully, MyHeritage did not require a signature as it will be Monday before I can make it to my Post Office. There are a couple of Post Office dropboxes, but none of them pick up late enough on Saturday and they don’t pick up on Sundays at all. After reading the instructions, I would need to buy postage to ship it back so using the dropboxes is out.

Don’t know where I will have to send the kit for processing. It may go back to  New Jersey or somewhere else. Looks like I need to pay postage myself. That’s unusual as most of the major DNA companies cover return postage. I will need to include both vials in the padded envelope.


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