Interesting Find in Wichita Marriage Certificates Today at MHGS – February 29, 2020

In this post, Well Done Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society – January 4, 2020, I congratulated MHGS for finishing the 210,000 marriage record scans. The work is under way to index each of the volumes. They have been using a good OCR program which speeds up the indexing a lot. Today, one of the volunteers noticed a woman who had two marriage applications within a week in 1971. A bit more research showed she had a finished application with the first husband a month earlier which meant they were married. The second application that was not filed, was to the first husband, and was about a month after the marriage to the first husband. The third application was filed and was to another man. I would mention names, but at least the wife and the second husband are still living.

This is what makes genealogy interesting. You may never know why something like this was done, but do not be surprised if you find other mysteries in your tree.  Don’t know why she married husband number 1, then a month later, started but did not finish a second application to marry the same guy again. Then, a week later, she marries a second guy. Did she divorce husband #1, or simply leave him? Why did she and the first husband start, but not finish, a second application after the first application was not only filed, but they were married.

The couple is living out of state and appears to be still married from public records. No doubt you have similar stories or mysteries in your family tree if you dig deep enough, or ask the right family member.

With my mother, she got married at 16. I found the marriage license. She recorded her age as 18, which was old enough to get married in that state. The marriage was subsequently annulled due to the lie about her age.

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3 Responses to Interesting Find in Wichita Marriage Certificates Today at MHGS – February 29, 2020

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow you are a detective

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    • It was confusing because she married #1, then applied for a second marriage license to marry him but never filed it. A couple of weeks after the application to marry #1 again, she’s marrying the second guy.

      In Kansas, marriage and divorce records aren’t considered public records so I can’t dig too much. The only reason the society got the records is because the city was going to throw them away as they had forwarded copies to the state a long time ago.

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