Decided to Take Advantage of the MyHeritageDNA Test for $99 – February 26, 2020

Updated February 27, 2020: added at the bottom the different stages MyHeritage has when a kit is in the pipeline.

Updated February 26, 2020 – Received e-mail kit is on its way from New Jersey.

I mentioned the $39 and $99 Winter Sale by MyHeritageDNA – MyHeritage DNA $39 and $99 Winter Sale – Ends March 2, 2020. I had a little extra money spared away and debated on going with the $39 or $99 test.  I don’t think the $99 test is anywhere near where it should be at this stage for detailed Health reports, but it’s normally a $199 test so after praying about it, I went with the $99 test. I ordered it two days ago with regular shipping and it should be here in 4 – 7 business days. I signed up for the optional free year of health updates and verified that I could cancel it before it renews. I previously had transferred my DNA from 23andMe to MyHeritageDNA.

I look forward to comparing how my transferred results from FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) compare to the MyHeritageDNA results. I believe MyHeritageDNA is now using a different chipset than FTDNA uses. In the past, they used FTDNA to process their kits; not sure if they still use FTDNA to process the kits. I think they use the same chipset used by LivingDNA now, but I don’t believe they use LivingDNA kits. In terms of determining ethnicity, MyHeritageDNA uses its own set of algorithms and reference populations when FTDNA processed the kits so the ethnicity results are probably different between the two companies. In rare cases, they may be close to the same.

Still waiting on results from LivingDNA as I checked last night and they were still at the Testing stage. It’s been there for a while, but as they are doing a sale, I believe it may take a week or two before I get results. Once the results come in, they will probably delete my 23andMe transfer results. I saved a copy of the 23andMe results as a back-up. I checked again before this post went live. Still testing.

Here are the stages showing on MyHeritage:

Order placed

Feb 24 2020


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