MyHeritage in Color™ Goes Viral: Over a Million Photos Already Colorized! – MyHeritage February 16, 2020

I noticed this on MyHeritage – MyHeritage in Color™ Goes Viral: Over a Million Photos Already Colorized!:

Just a reminder – you get a limited number (10) of colorized copies free. However, you will need a paid subscription to get more than a few colorized copies.


by Esther February 16, 2020 Family History, MyHeritage Products

5 days ago we released an amazing feature, MyHeritage In Color™, which automatically colorizes black and white photos with breathtaking results.

We are indebted to Jason Antic and Dana Kelley of DeOldify for developing the wonderful colorization technology upon which this feature is based.

The response has been incredible. The feature is a sensation: in the first 5 days, more than a million photos have been colorized — and the numbers keep growing! Users from all over the world have been stunned, and sometimes tearful, at how adding color can revive memories of their loved ones and change the way they relate to the photos. Many have shared with us that the colorized pictures have sparked interest in family history among the younger generation, and that seeing their ancestors in color makes them feel more real and tangible. Hardcore genealogists have been “complaining” that they will never get any other work done and spending long nights colorizing all their photos and marveling at the new details that suddenly emerge. Even people who have had a hard time connecting to genealogy before, have been scouring their homes for black and white photos to scan and colorize and are enthusiastically sharing the results with family and friends. It’s addictive! What a joy for genealogy!

If you haven’t joined the fun yet, try it for yourself at Anyone can colorize up to 10 photos for free, and an unlimited number of photos with a subscription.



At MyHeritage, we believe that family history is a key part of what makes us who we are. Our hope is that our platform will help breathe life into your family history, and help you connect deeply and personally with your family’s stories, and your ancestors and relatives who star in them. And help you pass down your family treasures to the future generations. MyHeritage In Color™ is our latest feature to help you achieve all that.

We have been so excited to release this feature, and we’re delighted and humbled with the response. Adding color to black and white photos helps bring the past to life so powerfully.

We are working hard on improvements that we will roll out continuously.

Try MyHeritage In Color™ today and please keep sharing your colorized photos with us — we love being a part of your family history journey!



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