Dungeons & Dilemmas Kickstarter Campaign Ends Monday, February 17, 2020

Intriguing use of a fanzine Role-Playing Game (RPG) toolkit on Kickstarterhttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jburneko/dungeons-and-dilemmas. It ends in about 40 hours. It’s fully funded. From the description:

Dungeons & Dilemmas is a collection of system agnostic techniques for designing dungeon-based adventures that engage the players on an emotional and ethical level. The presented process approaches dungeons as their own unique narrative structure, and the encounters within them as moral puzzles.

You don’t have to play or be familiar with RPGs to be able to use the information to teach moral concepts to groups or individuals. If you plan on using it this way, you may want to avoid the RPG aspects and focus on the moral concept parts.  I haven’t seen the final product as it isn’t finished it yet, but it may be a tool you can incorporate in addition to other moral concept tools or books you use. The product will be offered as a PDF ($7) or a printed copy ($15 and includes the PDF).

If this isn’t something you are considering and you don’t already have books that address moral issues, you could create your own moral dilemma situations. By the time you reach early adulthood, you should have experienced plenty of times where a moral dilemma presented itself.

In one of my college business courses, it was about business ethics. I took the course at two different colleges as both colleges required the course and I could only transfer so many credits between the colleges. It helped they used the same book and started close to each other. One was taught by an Anglican priest and the other by a business person. I don’t remember the different names for the various ethical and unethical choices, but the Anglican priest made a point. You are hiding Jews during World War II and the Gestapo asks if you know where any Jews are hiding. He said our answers would determine which set of ethics, or lack of ethics, we followed. That was a powerful example and a great way of showing how each ethical or unethical choice had different potential consequences.


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