Genealogical DNA Testing Companies and Current DNA Sales February 14, 2020

Just a reminder several DNA sales end today or tomorrow. I am not making this post a Sticky, but the prices below should reflect the Sticky post. The following DNA companies are still on sale as of today. FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) and 23andMe sales end today; MyHeritageDNA ends tomorrow. I will do an updated Sticky post on Sunday or Monday. has a 25% PRESIDENT promo code on many apps, excluding the $49.00 test.

23andMe: Ancestry (ethnicity) only kit – free shipping through February 14, 2020, regular price $99** regular price $99.00; Ancestry + Health –  – regular price $199, but can vary every couple of days so check Amazon); on 23andMesale price buy 2 or more kits in a single order through February 14, 2020, first kit regular price $199, additional kits 10% off, free shipping. VIP Health + Ancestry regular price $499 (2 kits included, a point missed by those not reading the fine print) – not seeing it on Amazon.

AncestryDNA: –  regular price $99.00 for first kit, but additional kits in the same order are only $89 (basic AncestryDNA test) – note this can vary from day to day as some days, the offer isn’t available. $99 regular price on Amazon – (Basic AncestryDNA test) , regular price $99; (Ancestry Health – (Not Available in NY, NJ, RI, or Guam see link for price, depending on which kit you go with, appears to be slightly different from Ancestry+Traits as it’s $30 more; Amazon AncestryDNA + Traits, (cheaper if you do an upgrade from a Basic AncestryDNA test) – regular price $119.00 on Amazon. Ancestry Health Core: Available in NY, NJ, RI, or Guam), regular price $149.00. Check other vendors, but make sure you register the kit as soon as you get it if you go this route, on Amazon as sometimes they are cheaper than the listed Amazon price in the link. The reason to activate immediately is in case someone used a stolen credit card to buy the kit.

Dante LabsWhole Genome Sequencing: (see link as this is Rare Disease month which complicates pricing if you have a Rare Disease; it’s cheaper if you have a Rare Disease – – link to alphabetical listing on side tab – it mentions if a disease is not a Rare Disease but is on the list – example

You will need to let them what your Rare Disease is after ordering) see list at bottom for sale pricing $599.00 regular price (8 week processing);  regular price $899 (2 week processing) – choose between 2 week turnaround or 8 week turnaround (2 week turnaround tends to be more expensive); sale price varies as they now put three tests in the link – no end date listed, regular price varies depending on which test you click.  On Amazon, there are several listings: 1) Dante Labs Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) for Healthcare Professionals, Sequence 20000 Genes, with Personalized Report, with Saliva Collection Kitcheck Amazon; looks like they made some changes price varies depending on test ordered price $899.00 as they sometimes temporarily offer great deals on some Dante Labs kits – see Dante Labs Amazon Sale Prices (updated September 4, 2018 with additional clarification from Dante Labs) for more details. Whole GenomeZ – Whole Genome Sequencing for Advanced Diagnostics (130X + 30X)) – sale price $999.00 (8 week option), regular price $1,499.00. 8 weeks – Rare Disease Sale price $299, 2 weeks Rare Disease $499; 8 weeks Standard – Sale price $99, 2 weeks Standard Sale price $799

DNAFit: (sale pricing up to 30% off for Valentine’s Day – see link)

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) – sale price $59 (ends February 14, 2020); regular price $79.00 Amazon link: sale price $59.00,regular price $79.00. FTDNA offers mtDNA and Y-DNA testing.

Y-DNA Prices starting at $119.00
mtDNA Prices starting at $159.00

FindMyPastDNA (they use LivingDNA kits): price $89, although prices on LivingDNA vary, still showing Black Friday Sale prices below as of February 14, 2020 (free shipping if you order 3+ kits in a single order, see chart below for prices) – kits on Amazon – two kits available, – sale price $49.00 (the same test as the LivingDNA kit on sale for $49); – $79 sale price on Amazon,  as of February 14, 2020. They accept free limited transfers from other DNA testing companies. The below prices are only available at LivingDNA.

DNA Starter Kit $49.00 + shipping – not on sale
DNA Ancestry Kit sale price $79 + shipping, regular price $99.00 + shipping
DNA Wellbeing Kit sale price $99 + shipping, regular price $129.00 + shipping
DNA Ancestry and Wellbeing Kit sale price $149 + shipping, regular price $179.00 + shipping

DNA Starter Kit $49.00 + shipping
DNA Testing, Global Ancestry, DNA Matching, Nutrion Report, Fitness Insight
DNA Ancestry Kit $99.00 + shipping
Recent ancestry, Sub-regional ancestry, Your DNA today, Extended ancestry, DNA matching
DNA Wellbeing Kit $129.00 + shipping
Vitamin response, Food metabolism, Nutrition Ideas, Exercise, Recovery, Exercise Ideas
DNA Ancestry and Wellbeing Kit $179.00 + shipping
Combination of the Ancestry Kit and the Wellbeing Kit

Full Genomes Corporation: $15 Individual SNPs.

MyHeritageDNA $59.00 Valentine Day Sale (ends February 15, 2020) – $79.00 regular price; Amazon for regular price $79.00* (still valid as of  February 14, 2020) with free shipping; Health, regular price $199.00 – on Amazon – regular price $199.00 with free shipping. GroupOn (for MyHeritageDNA only, not the Health add-on): unavailable as of February 6, 2020 – usually comes back at a later date. MyHeritageDNA accepts free limited transfers from FTDNA as well as from AncestryDNA, LivingDNA, and 23andMe (including v5 chip now). Free limited transfer of raw data from many other DNA companies although if you have a paid MyHeritage subscription, the full upgrade is free.

Sequencing: Ongoing sale – promo code PRESIDENT 25% discount on many apps, not counting the $49.00 kit below and a few others; sale price $49.00, .regular price $149.00. You need to sign up for 3 months of Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership (annual membership is cheaper, but if you are not sure you want to go that route, monthly membership is available. If you cancel before the third month, you will be charged a penalty).

Vitagene: up to 20% off Sale  (sale still going February 14, 2020). Also, check GroupOn – (switch from Wichita to your location)

Current sales:

Health Reports for diet, fitness, and supplementation + Ancestry + free 15 minute nutritional phone consultation. Regular price $99; on sale for $79. Believe this is the same report available on Amazon: sale price $79.00, regular price $99.00 (available as of February 14, 2020, but usually shows back up on Amazon at some point)- price may or may not be cheaper on Amazon as they love to raise and lower the prices on a regular basis.


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