YFull Pricing Update – February 12, 2020

I received this e-mail today from YFull

News from YFull.com
In version v8.00.00 for the age estimation, we used not only the data from BAM files but the data from VCF files.
The same algorithm as for BAM files was used for the calculation.
In 2018, we asked our customers who already uploaded their BAM files to us to send us their VCF files so that we can calculate the age estimation using VCF files.
Thanks to everyone who sent them, thanks to this we were able to do this.
On the example of those hundreds of VCF samples, we found out that such calculation is acceptable and the inaccuracy of the measurement method does not exceed such inaccuracy by using BAM files.
We have made changes to the loyalty program for our customers.
After 10 paid orders, the price of the data analysis of the Y-chromosome or (Y + Mt) will cost $45 and the price of mtDNA data analysis will cost $ 23.
After 100 paid orders, the price of the data analysis of the Y-chromosome or (Y + Mt) will cost $41 and the price of mtDNA data analysis will cost $ 19.
To switch from the previous discount system to the new loyalty program, we decided to pay one-time bonuses to all users who have more than 10 paid samples.
These bonuses are enough to pay for one sample. Thus, we give one free sample to everyone who has more than 10 paid samples.
You can see it a more detailed here:
Dear friends, thank you so much for being with us.

You can learn more about YFull – https://isogg.org/wiki/YFull. It started with a focus on Y-DNA, but has expanded to include mtDNA.

From the Level Loyalty link:

Loyalty level
Basic Silver Golden Platinum
N of orders * >0 >10 >100 >500
Y+Mt $49 $45 $41 $37
Mt $25 $23 $21 $19
Mt>Y $25 $23 $21 $19
Hg19>Hg38 $15 $15 $15 $15

* 1 (Y+Mt) = 1 (Y) = 2 (Mt)

It’s nice to see a company taking customer loyalty seriously. Most companies that offer customer loyalty programs tend to treat all customers equally no matter how long or how much you spend with the company. That’s a shame.



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