Mace Windu Purple Lightsaber – February 10, 2020

I saw this post earlier today – and had not planned on sharing it until I saw this article on Facebook

Samuel L. Jackson is still keeping busy with the upcoming Saw flick with Chris Rock, but fans still want to see Mace Windu revisit Star Wars. A video on Reddit managed to capture the moment the Jedi Master asked George Lucas for a purple lightsaber and people absolutely love this look into the creative process. Seeing the two have such a cordial moment on camera is pretty great. As is Lucas’ delivery in his side of the conversation. But, it would be very hard to argue for such changes to a character if you don’t have the weight of someone like Jackson at your disposal.

“I’m trying to figure out who we got to talk to about your lightsaber color,” Jackson began. Lucas lays it out pretty clearly for the venerated actor. The filmmaker responded, “Good guys are green and blue, bad guys are red. That’s just the way it works.” The star nods in understanding before probing, “no purple lightsaber?” When Lucas says that he might get purple, Jackson flashes that famous smile like he finally got what he wanted.


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