Looking for Websites that Include Pearl Harbor Casualty Lists – February 9, 2020

I am trying to compile a list of casualties, especially those who were not identified, from the Pearl Harbor attack. Ideally, by ship or location. I found a few lists, but most don’t include where the individual was from which. The one I found that was most complete has 10 people/page and trying to recreate the information that way would be difficult. Also, the list has some locations wrong. The easiest solution would be to use several government websites that break down by where the person was killed. Then, use the information to see if I can find other sources that show where the person came to Pearl Harbor from.

The goal is a series of posts – USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, USS West Virginia, etc. to keep the post to a reasonable length. I would add one post linking to each of the posts after I completed all of the posts.

This concept developed as a result of those who were previous burial unknowns identified by DNA testing. Over 200 unknowns have been identified through DNA testing and other forms of testing – dental records, X-rays, etc. I have not found one list that shows all of the people identified. It’s usually by ship or location. I understand this will be a comprehensive project and if anyone wants to help, it would be greatly appreciated. I would update the results as more people are identified. My goal would be to share the results with the federal and state governments as well as any others who are interested.

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  1. GP Cox says:

    You might wish to try this site. This is where I get the names for those recently identified.

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