Atomic Underground Featured Vlogger of the Week – February 5, 2020

I updated this post February 6, 2020 as somehow WordPress overwrote the post in large part. I was able to find the earlier post in History and restore it.

I chose Atomic Underground as this week’s Featured Vlogger of the Week. I like the comment on why the silo was purchased. As someone who lives in Kansas, famous for tornadoes, a silo would be a great place to be when a tornado hits. I am not a prepper, but a few preppers are buying old silos (mostly Atlas D, E, and F as they tend to be cheaper and you don’t have to un-implode them). Kansas has Atlas E and F silos as well as Titan II  silos. Many of the Atlas E and F silos have been purchased already – some by preppers, others by non-preppers. There’s a report a Titan II silo has been purchased, but no word on what the buyer is going to do with it.

Some basic stats of Atomic Underground’s YouTube channel – Joined Mar 18, 2019, 1,928,923 views. Has over 33.6K subscribers and 18 videos.

YouTube Channel: Atomic Underground –



The number 1 thing you need to understand is that if you have to ask why you will probably never understand. A Titan II Launch Complex is one of the coolest buildings you can buy for a semi reasonable price. We are converting it to part home and part event space. To find out more about our plan check out The Strategic Plan page. We will be posting updates on the Recent Updates page above. The Launch Control Center page has all of our most recent videos. They are available about 1 week after they are released via Patreon to our patrons.


Social media (in addition to those listed in the About page above):



Patreon levels

  • Patron-only posts and messages


  • Question and Answer via Patreon
  • And everything in the previous tier


  • Early access to content
  • Patron-only voting power
  • And everything in the previous tier


  • Access to bonus, never-before-seen content
  • Full library access
  • 20% Off Atomic Underground Swag
  • And everything in the previous tiers


  • Monthly Private Live Google Hangouts Q&A with Nik from Atomic Underground and guests.
  • Can come out and tour the Launch Control Center in person as work progresses! (On select dates)
  • And everything in the previous tiers


  • Free 1 night stay for you and 1 guest when the complex is done. I will add more days the longer you are in this tier
  • I will weld or plaque your name onto the frame of Door 6 as a Missile Complex Commander
  • Any swag (T-Shirts, Mugs Etc.) will be sent to you free as long as your membership is current.
  • And everything in the previous tiers

Previous Featured Vloggers of the Week:





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